The idea of ​​pioneering today generates commercial success. It was with this thought that Yerba Mate Yacuy Industry, founded on April 15, 1992, entered the competitive market of yerba mate and quickly stood out for its quality and service.

The producer of Yacuy yerba mate brand (Indian name in Tupi-Guarani means “stone edge”) also produces the yerba mate Kelly. Currently has two plants, one located in Taguá, the Cruz Machado – PR, with an herbal own (native) and responsible for producing more than 50% of raw material which is later used by other unit Canoinhas – SC where yerba mate is benefited, packaged and marketed.

On July 27, 2002, was inaugurated the new headquarters of the company, considered the most modern plant of yerba mate from Brazil, with fully automated structure.

In 2010 was launched the Organic Yacuy, a milestone in the yerba mate market, by being grown without the addition of chemical fertilizers, and its quality is guaranteed by Ecocert Certification Seal, provided by associations of organic agriculture.

Finally, in 2014, 4 new flavors tereré were launched, they are cherry, pineapple & mint, bilberry & mint ice and mint, which added to the lemon flavor and the traditional, complete the line of iced tea, combining innovation to their over 22 years of tradition.