The Industry Yerba Mate Yacuy constantly invests in cutting edge to make their products the best in the national and international market technology, making it one of the most modern factories segment in Latin America.

Branch was the first industry in MERCOSUR using metallic casing and currently, the pioneer in introducing nitrogen into the package, thus ensuring the maintenance of color, flavor and aroma of yerba mate for more than 6 months.

During all these years, this quest for excellence has resulted in winning a solid and modern brand, aimed at the continuous improvement of its products, turning to the major focus of the organization: the consumer public.


For the acquisition of raw materials, the company has its own herbal and also is used in the production of small farmers in the region to generate income in the communities of the interior. Thus, with the unstinted support to small producers, contributes significantly to the economic development of the region.




The second stage of the production process of mate Yacuy, is drying. Here the fuel is produced by the industry itself. This means that the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is neutralized through a closed cycle fuel burn.


At the factory, the equipment is completely automated, which ensures the packaging without any manual contact, and the quality of taste tested constantly on all lots.

Through the Belgian and German technology, the industry Yacuy Yerba Mate is the only company in the industry to use the procedure on product packaging in modified atmosphere.

This process is a method of preserving food characterized by a mixture of gases introduced into the package. Thus, with the reduction of oxygen and control of aerobic bacteria, which are mainly responsible for the deterioration occurs the extension of the commercial life of the product, ensuring a fresh and tasty herb for more than 6 months.

Through its modern production system and packaging industry has a production capacity over 8 million kg / year.