Organic Yacuy

In addition to bringing all the benefits of mate is grown without chemical fertilizers, providing more intense flavor and aroma, which ensures the quality of a product produced millennial especially for daily consumption. Moreover, its quality is guaranteed by the Certification Seal supplied by the associations of organic agriculture.

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9 Reasons to Consume Organic Products

1. Avoid Health Problems caused by ingestion of toxic chemicals. Research and studies have shown that pesticides are harmful to our body and the residues that remain in food can cause allergic and respiratory reactions, hormonal disorders, neurological problems and even cancer.

2. Organic foods are more nutritious, balanced and rich soil with natural fertilizers produce foods with higher nutritional value.

3. Organic foods are tastier flavor and aroma are more intense - Production in no pesticides or chemicals that may alter them.

4. Protects future generations of chemical contamination. Intensive use of chemicals in food production affects the air, water, animals and people. Organic farming excludes the use of fertilizers, pesticides or any chemical; and is based on his work to preserve natural resources.

5. Prevents soil erosion. Organic Through techniques such as crop rotation, intercropping planting, composting, etc., the soil remains fertile and remains productive year after year.

6. Protects water quality. Pesticides used on plantations run through the soil, reach aquifers and pollute rivers and lakes.

7. Restores biodiversity, protecting plant and animal life. Organic agriculture respects the balance of nature, creating healthy ecosystems. Wild life, essential part of the agricultural establishment is preserved and natural areas are preserved.

8. Saves power. Waiver Organic farming pesticides and chemical fertilizers, intensely using mulch, incorporation of organic matter to the soil and the manual tract beds. It is the opposite procedure of conventional agriculture that relies on oil as an input of pesticides and fertilizers and is the basis for increased mechanization that characterized.

9. The product is certified organic. The quality of the organic product is provided by a Certification Seal. This seal is provided by organic farming associations or independent certification bodies, who verify and oversee the production of organic food from production to marketing. The certification seal is a guarantee of the consumer to be getting healthier and free of any toxic waste products. In Brazil there are 45 producers with organic seal provided by IBD (Biodynamic Institute of Rural Development).